Sunday, February 7, 2021

How to Unlock ZTE MF90 Router

How to Unlock ZTE MF90 Router Step by Step Instructions

  • First, you need the 16 digit unlock code by ZTE unlock code service provider like
  • Once you get the unlock code the follow the process to unlock ZTE MF90 Router as below:
  • Make sure your ZTE MF90 router charged more than 30% if not, then you need to charge it.
  • Switch off ZTE MF90 WiFi/MiFi Router.
  • Now insert a non-acceptable Network SIM i.e. Change your default SIM card with any other network provider and switch on your device. You will show a message like SIM Locked or Invalid SIM or No network.
  • Now connect your Wi-Fi/MiFi MF90 router to Windows PC using its USB cable
  • Now Browse for or 168.1.1 and login to your device using admin (It may be different for another device, refer the manual)
  • It will automatically redirect to the unlocking page, if not, then search for SIM Lock / NCK / unlock code option or leave it and follow below step
  • Go to Advanced Settings then go to SIM Settings. you will find the Unlock Device option there
  • Then Enter ZTE Unlock Code for MF90   and Click on Apply.
  • OR Open your Settings the Dial-up then Unlock SIM card and Enter 8 digits unlock code(i.e. NCK Code) in your ZTE MF90 Wi-Fi MiFi router.
  • Click OK then the device will reboot and your ZTE MF90 unlock permanently to display the new network