How To Unlock Huawei E5577s/Cs-321 MTN 4G/Viva MiFi


  1. Balong USB downloader
  2. Huawei Drivers V5.0xxx
  3. Huawei Firmware 21.180 (usbloader already inside)
  4. Huawei Firmware 21.316
  5. WEBUI17.1xx


  • Install the Huawei drivers
  • Disassemble and boot shot test point with gnd as shown (just like other boot shot already known)
  • USB COM detected- you should have PC UI com port detected in device manager
  • Run Balong Downloader and flash Usbloader.bin file from Huawei 21.180 firmware
  • Install firmware 21.180; run setup updater to install finish
 NB: LCD shows installing during firmware update process[/color

[color=#ff33ff]Your device should reboot into Factory Test Mode (FTM ) showing on screen
  • Install huawei WEBUI17 ; run updater to install finish
  • Install Huawei firmware 21.316
  • You should see battery error on screen at begin to resume user information; dont worry just hold the board and insert the battery gently
  • It should now complete and reboot to Huawei Logo and proceed to main interface
  • Note your imei ; read modem info with dc unlocker and  write IMEI via AT command
  • You can now do a quick repack and insert Sim; WebUI as Usual ...........
  • 3g and 4g all Working Perfect