Thursday, July 23, 2020

Asynchronous Socket Error 10060 Fix MRT Key

If you are a user of MRT Key / MRT Dongle you can face asynchronous socket error 10060 error Problem sometimes. Mainly this error is seen in new MRT dongle and new user. If you change your Computer or laptop this error may occur. Don’t Worry We Have a Sure Solution to This Problem. Read More Below.

Try This Methods To Fix This Problem Sloved :

Method 1 : 

Open MRT Software any version you want to Use.
Go To setting Button
There are to option in service. Service 1 and Service 2.
Change the service to another one.
Close MRT Software and Open Again
Now try to open other tabs like MTK tab and HW tab, It will work perfectly.

Method 2 :

If you have more than 2 internet connections or Wifi change your connection and try to open again. This method is also working for a few users. 

Method 3 : 
If the above method failed then use this
Install any VPN in your computer
Try to open MRT software and it will work again.
This option has been also tested by some users.

Asynchronous Socket Error 10060 Fix MRT Key