Download CRB V2.0 New Beta Update & Best APK Editor Tool 

  • Supports files format zip, 7z, jar, tar, ozip, md5, img,, dat, payload.bin, super.img.
  • Custom Image for build image with all the options available.
  • APKTool a tool for reverse engineering Android apk files.
  • Debloater for removing and restore apps with only one click.
  • Deodex for deodexing Android's stock ROM.
  • Zipalign for optimizes RAM usage.
  • APK Drag & drop Updater.
  • Easy edit build.prop and updater-script.
  • Remove Knox automatically.
  • Auto-generating updater-script.
  • Converting file_contexts.bin to standard text.
  • RAMDisk for build only ramdisk image.
  • Case Sensitive files support.
  • Build a custom Android data image.
  • Output formats img, new.dat,, lz4.tar.
  • Remove DM-Verity.
  • Supporting Android 10.
  • log for all tasks.
Thanks, Note:
JamFlux for knowledge exchange.
Hyper.Alvi for tips and tests.
Duy Minh for the Vietnamese language.
Fazri Arrashyi Putra for the Indonesian language.

apktool - Connor Tumbleson and Ryszard Wisniewski
Linux - Xiangyan Sun
sDat2Img - Andrei Conacher
sefcontext_parser - Jake Valletta
Brotli - Jyrki Alakuijala and Zolt├ín Szabadka
BusyBox - Denys Vlasenko
Magiskboot - John Wu (topjohnwu)
vdexExtractor - Anestis Bechtsoudis
compact_dex_converter - fOmey
7-Zip - Igor Pavlov
LZ4 - Yann Collet
UberApkSigner - Patrick Favre-Bulle
make_ext4fs - SuperR. for initial repository and anpaza for update it.
RMVerity - SuperR.
Img2sDat - Andrei Conache
Smali/Baksmali - Ben Gruver
Payload_Dumper - ius
ImgExtractor - unix3dgforce and blackeange
tune2fs and resize2fs - Google
OmcTextDecoder - fei-ke
AAPT - Google
Notepad++ - Don Ho
Decrypt Oppo - Bjoern Kerler

                            File Information:
                            File Name:  CRB V2.0 New Beta Update & Best APK Editor Tool 
                            Download Version:  v2.0
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                            Password: Without Password
                            Virus status: scanned by Avast security.
                            Compatibility: For Windows computer. 

                            Setup: Setting this up very easy. once downloaded , navigate to your download folder once that is do. Just extract it with any RAR extractor like Winrar or winzip or 7zip. CRB V2.0 New Beta Update & Best APK Editor Tool  ] With administrator privilege and that's all it will open a new window with necessary features . If you encountered any problem , feel free to ask just leave a comment and I will answer it as soon as I can. If you find this blog helpful please share it to your friends

                            License: CRB V2.0 New Beta Update & Best APK Editor Tool  freeware Tool . You may try it free for always. 

                            Restrictions on Use: This software must not be decompiled, disassembled, reverse engineered or otherwise modified. 

                            Credit ©:  CRB V2.0 New Beta Update & Best APK Editor Tool  
                            All right reserved. 

                            Compitible: The above Software runs smoothly on windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)

                            Download CRB V2.0 New Beta Update & Best APK Editor Tool