An exploit that is not “patchable” makes all devices vulnerable and at least, you must know the risks related if you lost your device / iphone / iPad or Someone stole your phone is to be considered “medium / high” risk, even in the case of a passcode-protected device.
After the “first golden age” of iOS jailbreak (iPhone 4 “bootrom exploit” in 2010), most of the forensic techniques were based on Apple’s bugs or “left open” doors. Now we have Epic Jailbreak and a new golden age.
Which personal information can be easily found by an attacker if an iOS device is lost or stolen?
Tested on Passcode Lock / Disable device / Lost device with a message on the screen.

The first and most important aspect: once the device is jailbroken with checkra1n the device will have “root” access via SSH.
It means that you can browse the file system and analyze file/folder name and media files using the terminal or GUI software.
This simple automated Soft For Apple ID and Mobile Number Finder is an example of how this can extract data from a locked device. You can understand now, it is very important to Change Root Password After checkra1n. To prevent someone stolen or extract your personal information, email or phone number in some cases.
Also, forensic companies have specialized tools/software much more efficient to extract data from Apple devices, one of the best software is from Elcomsoft.

 Download Apple ID Finder On Passcode And Lost Deviced

    Apple iD finder only works for MAC
    DOWNLOAD: Apple Id Finder

    How To Change Root Password After checkra1n Jailbreak And Why You Should Do It Now
    Super easy to change it SSh root password
    First you need to connect your device into the mac and run the SSH command. SSH connection to localhost with checkra1n read/write.
    1. jailbreak with checkra1n BUT you have to use OLD versions FROM @checkra1n only old versiĆ³n Works
    2. ssh root@localhost -p 2222
    3. SSH to your iphone as root
    4. run passwd
    5. type the new password twice
    And you’re good to go! Just use that new password for SSH and you will be much more secure if you lost your iphone.
      Download  [ Apple Id Finder Download ]