Miracle Huawei Tool v2.16   Feature:

Miracle Huawei Tool 2.16
[+] For use Miracle Huawei Tool Must Buy Miracle Huawei Pack
# Miracle Moto Tool Free with Huawei Tool
# Miracle eMMC Tool Free with Huawei Tool
# Miracle Vivo Tool Free with Huawei Tool
[+] Can Activate on Miracle FRP Dongle.
[X] Release Note Miracle Huawei Tool v2.16
1. 1. Added FRP Reset Via Test Point 180+ (Qualcomm CPU Based Huawei Devices)
Models List
Huawei Honor Play 3E: KSA-AL00, KSA-L21, KSA-L22, KSA-L29, KSA-LX9, KSA-TL00
Huawei Honor 4A: SCL-AL00, SCL-L01, SCL-L02, SCL-L03, SCL-L04, SCL-L21, SCL-L31, SCL-L32, SCL-TL00, SCL-TL00H, SCL-U23, SCL-U31
Huawei Y5 2019 : AMN-L21, AMN-L22, AMN-L23, AMN-L29, AMN-LX9
Huawei Enjoy 6s: DIG-AL00, DIG-L01, DIG-L03, DIG-L21, DIG-L22, DIG-L21HN, DIG-L23
Huawei Y6s 2019: JAT-L21, JAT-L23, JAT-L29, JAT-L41, JAT-LX1, JAT-LX3, JAT-TL00, JAT-TL20
Huawei Honor 6A: DLI-AL10, DLI-L22, DLI-L42, DLI-TL20
Huawei Enjoy 7: SLA-AL00, SLA-L02, SLA-L03, SLA-L22, SLA-L23, SLA-TL00
Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus: TRT-A1, TRT-AL00, TRT-AL00A, TRT-L01, TRT-L02, TRT-L03, TRT-L21, TRT-L22, TRT-L23, TRT-L21A, TRT-L53, TRT-LX1, TRT-LX2, TRT-LX3, TRT-TL10A
Huawei Y7 Pro 2019: DUB-AL00, DUB-AL20, DUB-L22, DUB-LX1, DUB-LX2, DUB-TL00
Huawei Enjoy 8: LDN-AL00, LDN-L01, LDN-L03, LDN-L21, LDN-L22, LDN-L29, LDN-L32, LDN-LX1, LDN-LX2, LDN-LX3, LDN-TL00, LDN-TL10
Huawei Enjoy 8: LND-AL00, LND-AL30, LND-AL40, LND-L21, LND-L22, LND-L23, LND-L29
Huawei Enjoy 8E: ATU-AL00, ATU-AL10, ATU-L11, ATU-L21, ATU-L22, ATU-L23, ATU-L29, ATU-L31, ATU-L42, ATU-LX1, ATU-LX3
Huawei Honor 8C: BKK-AL00, BKK-AL10, BKK-L21, BKK-LX1, BKK-TL00
Huawei Enjoy 9E: MRD-AL00, MRD-L11, MRD-L22, MRD-L23, MRD-LX1, MRD-LX2, MRD-LX3, MRD-TL00
Huawei G9 Plus: MLA-AL00, MLA-AL10, MLA-L01, MLA-L02, MLA-L03, MLA-L11, MLA-L12, MLA-L13, MLA-TL00, MLA-TL10, MLA-UL00
Huawei Y9 2018: FLA-L22,FLA-L23,FLA-L23,FLA-TL00,FLA-TL10,
Huawei Mate 10: BLA-A09,BLA-AL00,BLA-L09,BLA-L09C,BLA-L29,BLA-L29C,BLA-L29,BLA-L29D,BLA-TL00,
Huawei P10: VTR-L29,VTR-AL00,VTR-L09,VTR-L09A,VTR-L09,VTR-TL00,
Huawei P20 Lite: ANE-LX1,ANE-AL00,ANE-L21,ANE-L01,ANE-L02,ANE-L42,ANE-L22,ANE-LX2,ANE-L12J,ANE-L22J,
Huawei P20 Lite: ANE-LX2J,ANE-L42J,ANE-L02J,ANE-LX3,ANE-L03,ANE-L23,ANE-TL00,
Huawei Nova: CAZ-AL00, CAZ-AL10, CAZ-TL10

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