Umt dongle mtk v2 new updates free download Vivo oppo meta mode added

UMTv2 / UMTPro
UltimateMTK v2.0

Added Support for following functions:
- Read Info
- Reset FRP (For devices supporting this feature)
- Reset Locks (All Android Versions, Encrypted Userdata NOT Supported)
- Read Pattern (Android 5.x and earlier, Encrypted Userdata NOT Supported)
- Format FS
- Format FS (Advance)
- IMEI Repair in META / Boot Mode
- Backup NVRAM
- Restore NVRAM
- Reboot to META / FACTORY / FASTBOOT Mode
- Added Support for Helio CPU (MT6750, MT6755, MT6763, MT6739 etc)
- Disable Lock / Restore Lock for Encrypted Userdata
- Remove Lcoks for Encrypted Userdata for Vivo - New!!!

Added Support for Following Devices:

- Trace Pro X500

- Plume P6 Pro (PGN518)

- Y71-711

- Ascend Y5 II (CUN-U29)

- Hot 5 (X559)
- Hot 5 (X559C)
- Hot 6 (X606)

- Aqua Lions 1+

- A32F

- Titanium Jumbo 2

- Noir J7
- Noir S6
- Noir Z10

- Lenny
- Lenny 2

Reset Locks (Vivo) - Remove Locks witout Data Loss
- This function will remove Android locks without Data Loss
- No need to Backup / Restore data
- You need to start phone directly in Recovery for first time
- Otherwise, you will have to repeat the process

Factory Reset 1 (Meta)
- This method is for old CPU phones likes MT6572 etc.
- This method is useful if you can not boot phone in Flash Mode.
- Phone must connect in META mode
- Not all phones are supported

Factory Reset 2 (Meta)
- Same as Method 1, but for new CPU like MT6735 and Helio etc
- Tested with Oppo A71, Vivo Y81i

Disable Locks (ADB)
- Usefull for Vivo phones, if you can not connect in Flash Mode like Y81i
- You must enable ADB using Recovery > Advance Options > reboot with adb

Install Navigation Bar
- After Disable Locks (ADB), phone will loose Soft Navigation Bar
- This option will Install Navigation Bar Application to fix Navigation Issue.
- You must enable ADB using Recovery > Advance Options > reboot with adb

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