We are pleased to release a new update for the HUAWEI IMEI REPAIR module as follow:
  • Imei repair for v3 authorisation modems, wifi hotspots and routers
  • Auto enable port mode for Hilink modems and various routers
New models added:
  • Huawei E3272
  • Huawei E3372
  • Huawei E3531
  • Huawei E3533
  • Huawei E5330
  • Huawei E5336
  • Huawei E5372
  • Huawei E5730
  • Huawei E5756
  • Huawei E5878
  • Megafon M100-4
  • Megafon MR100-3
  • MTS 424D
  • MTS 823F
  • MTS 827F
  • Vodafone K4203
  • Vodafone K5150

 Module Description

HUAWEI IMEI REPAIR unlock and repair VodafoneHuaweiMTS mobile phones. It is simply the world famous unlocking software to unlock VodafoneHuaweiMTS. With over 8 years of incredible and regular updates on FuriousGold, this is the most advanced mobile phone unlocking tool on the market for professionals.
Download and install HUAWEI IMEI REPAIR for FuriousGold on your computer, connect the mobile phone to an original cable or to the FuriousGold cable provided (if you are using the box), from the supported models in the list below and enjoy easy unlocking for your customers instantly.
With over 10 millions of devices unlocked since 2004 FuriousGold is a must have tool for every mobile phone store | repair shop owners in any country. Wonder how simple it is to make money by unlocking mobile phones using FuriousGold ? Please take a look at over 12000 successful jobs done reported by our customers directly.
Supported Features:
  • Change imei
  • Repair imei
  • To be able to use this software you need the FuriousGold hardware with PACK7 activated
  • HUAWEI IMEI REPAIR is a Exclusive tool available ONLY on FuriousGold. You simply can NOT find this software anywhere else.
  • Easy Unlock VodafoneHuaweiMTS
  • HUAWEI IMEI REPAIR is working OFFLINE. You do NOT need to have an internet connection to use this software once it is installed.
  • HUAWEI IMEI REPAIR is UNLIMITED, you can unlock any quantity of phones.
  • HUAWEI IMEI REPAIR is working without credits, logs or any of this kind. Completely free after your purschase.
  • HUAWEI IMEI REPAIR including dedicated support area with over 25GB of precious data
  • HUAWEI IMEI REPAIR including 12 months FREE updates and support. Once the support is expired you can renew it directly from your account for a small annual fee. If you do not like to renew the support you will still be able to use your FuriousGold hardware but you will not be able to enjoy the newest updates.
  • Secure and Easy access to support area in one click. You do not have to remember any password. It is already saved in your FuriousGold device.

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